Petka is offering refurbishment services with minimum part changing in order to improve the quality of preforms and decrease the cycle time.

Cold Half Plates and Hot Runner refurbishment up to 144 Cavities

Guarantee of expending your mold life

Minimizing the cost with different kind of refurbishment packages

Analyzing the existing machine/mold/preform/bottle to provide the best solution


To make it easier for our clients to carry out their projects, we provide them with the know-how and skills of Petka's technical service.
We propose to take charge of all the works from the preparation phase until commissioning and installation.
Quick, planned measurements that comply with current standards are guaranteed for the optimum performance of your molds.
We offer experienced, reactive, innovative technical support that can be reached in all circumstances.

Support customer by installation the new mold

Process training for all mold types


To best satisfy our customers, Petka is always attentive to their wants and needs.
Petka has succeeded over the years in gaining the loyalty of its customers and earning their great trust, and this, through the efficient processing of all complaints received thanks to its professionalism, attentive listening, and great responsiveness.

Preform prototyping for all kind of preforms

Bottles sampling up to 5 lt

Analyzing the existing machine/mold/preform/bottle to provide the best solution

Assisting our customers 7/24 about their all technical requirement

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